Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Journey


It has been a really long time i have written something on my blog. I was away for a long period of time, travelling over places. The moments i have lived in past two months have been either too good or too bad. But definetly, here, i will share some of the best moments that have been archived in my heart. My first visit was to chennai. Yes, a very humid place and therefore perhaps the last place a traveller would think of visiting. Well this is in my case too, my visit was scheduled purely for some work. Although it later turned out to be an adventurous trip.

 Moving around in too crowded places, having coconut water for free (every household in chennai have a coconut and a banana tree, and a well too),  acting mutely to make non-hindi-and-english speaking people understand my queries, inhaling the fragnance of 'gajras' (which were present perhaps at every possible place), (and the list of these wierd experiences goes on) made it a tough but a memorable experience :) Probably there might be nothing very striking about the place but the people, their lifestyle, and yes, the food too, define the best of Chennai!!
The best part of the visit was that i learnt to appreciate the minor details of life and place that we usually miss out while living in cities like delhi and mumbai!! There is still a layer of congeniality, an innateness that surrounds that place and its people.

i would like to describe my experience in these words...

On a solitary walk across a road
i passed through trees and birds,
banyan smiled at me from a distance,
mynah chirped her chorus song.

Walking through melodies i entered a grassland
where dewy grass tickeled my feet,
a lively fragnance rushed across my face
and my friends made me a greet.

Rabbits, deers, goats, elephants
came to me and said hello.
Birds flew near me,
and accosted with their rock-and-roll.

I danced along with them throughout night,
laughed and cheered, lived every moment by and by,
the trees sang along with us,
and leaves too made a salsa show.


Shashank Kulshrestha said...

looks like u hav had a great time......welcome back home

deepti said...

well Shashank yes i had a great time... this trip was overall a cocktail of many things... it was an opportunity for me to explore not only outside world but my inner world as well..