Sunday, April 29, 2012

Festering Wounds

Lying open, bare and untouched,
staring at me with a hideous face,
haunting my-self to the caverns of death,
an enigma of life I do trace.

Realising the painless pain,
and the smile that has drained.
I want to cry aloud,
hiding in a cloak of shadows and cloud.

Captivated in my own world,
no words to lament, no words to say,
Unravelling the mysteries on this state,
I am the Prometheus of today.

Looking at the colors of the wound,
Red, Pink, Yellow and white,
a drop of tear rolls down,
and I shut my eyes wide.

I dare to bare the ugliness
and the endless wait.
I escape the turmoils of the self
and regain the zeal to recreate.

I flow along with river,
like a leaf along with winds;
crossing all the barricades and,
breaking all the inibhitions.

Birds sing in rejoice and,
creating music out of agony;
playing on my dead lute and,
forming new notes of symphony.

An incessant desire is, thus, born in me,
an endeavour to outlive imperils of world,
the need to fly high above the realms of everyday
and to relive the moments of love.

But. Oh! another tear rolls by my face
and pierce through my wounds,
waking me out of my dreams,
and leaving them afresh.


self ruler said...


kaustubh said...

good one......quite emotional...xpressing ur agony, i know that....u r creative yar tm to painting poetry cooking sab karti ho.....keep gng

neelima garg said...


Shashank Kulshrestha said...

awesome......nice channeled ur emotions through words