Sunday, July 31, 2011


Its hurtful to know that india ranks fourth most dangerous country for women to live in. the inclusion of india is surprising, no wonder this has alwz been an issue of gr8 concern since past few decades. Due to lack in effective governance voilence against women is on constant rise and government does not seem to do anything in this regard. Any complaints against voilence metted out on women is not paid attention not only by the police officials but also by general masses. Being the largest democracy in the world its surprising to see such statistics on papers. The question arises from this survey is that, is male domination still a problem? In india max no of women are still highly dependent on their husbands, fathers, or brothers and are non productive, its only a small percentage of women that are professionals. Considering this situation, and lack of health services, lack of opportunities and poor policing leads to he inconstancy between the two sexes. Men take control over various situations at different levels; domestic, offices, hospitals, police stations etc. To a great astonishtment Sheila dixit made a statement regarding the safety of women that, women should not move out of their houses during night and should take charge of their own security. A recent case has been registered against the security personnel of delhi's CM for harassing a girl on her way back home late night. We cannot bring an overnie change regarding the security of women in india particularly in delhi, but effective governance on every level of our society can bring change to some extent.

Friday, July 29, 2011


itz disheartning that our society holds a female responsible for instigating men's perverted behaviour towards her. on one hand these men raise their voice against the dressing sense of women and on the other hand they do not sense ny wrong whil strippin a women and parading her nude infrnt of whole village. their hypocrisy has gn to sch an extent that they bluntly defend their actions publicly. in the name of maintaining family honour women of lower sections of society are married thus giving rise to child marriages which r still prevalent in rural areas. they are being slayed off by their parents or relatives to maintain the self esteem of the village. this deplorable condition of women fail to bring out any sort of changes in indian laws. it fails to describe different sorts harassement faced by women not only on streets bt also at working places. there cannot be an overnite change, we need to bring up certain develpmnt nt nly in the rules and regulations of society and indian laws bt also in the mind set of people towrds the female sex.