Sunday, December 25, 2011

my body my mind

was hired by the body.
unfortunately got a bit zesty about it.
Hence, the body beat her,
mostly killed her.

The work is, however,
in progress.

God's own folks,
put a
good, guaranteed brain onto me;
storing mine safely away.

Then, once, somewhere,
I did find mine, my brain.
I fixed it back to me.

Now I get lost in these brains of mine,
Though I do manage to peek out and get some
glimpses of me
sitting low in some corners of my brain.

I sleep silently,
never knowing
my mind will lurk out of the dark and finish me.

Time passes by,
I stand strong-kneed, locked-legged.

She made
a river flow
into a desert.

People said
"No river has come this way.
How would a river come to the desert?"

She built a dam
over that river.
People said, "No,
How would a dam be built in this desert?"

The dam burst; a flood.
They asked, "How could a flood overtake our desert?"
"There are no floods in this desert."

The flood drowned them all.
Many voices were heard:
"How could such things take place in our desert?"
"Such things do not take place in our desert."

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